August 15, 2017

August 15, trapped into my neighborhood I looked on in woe to see my surroundings fill up with water.
I couldn’t do anything. I’ve never felt more uselessness in my life. I did all that I could supporting anyway that I can. Nothing seemed to help. For two months I wasn’t able to do anything, go anywhere. I didn’t suffer the pain of loosing my house, but it did feel like I lost a lot more. The first day of school after the flood. My friends who were sadly affected, I could see the sorrow and devastation the flood had on them. So I didn’t loose my house,but I lost my friends, and there was no way to help them. What was done was done. It felt as I was held up and forced to see them get beat up only to get back up and put down one last time, and I, was able to do nothing about it. On August 15, 2017, the water hit Denham Springs, as it also hit me.

Carters first blog post

I’m nine innings into my educational journey and my life as a middle child, with only brothers, has really only just begun. As chance would have it, I have fallen into my older brother’s footsteps. Sure, we both enjoy playing baseball and watching Netflix, but we’re very different. I’m Carter, and my interest in academics is just as great as my interest in athletics. Psychology and the human mind intrigues me. My desire for this inning ,or the 9th grade, is to be the best that I can be in both my academic courses and in my athletic endeavors. As I’ve always been told, “the tie goes to the runner”, so we’ll see where this year leads in both academics and athletics.
At first base, my family and all that comes with it. My brothers, Bailey being the older and more mature one, almost the opposite from Austin my annoying younger brother. As well as them in my family comes my Mom and my Dad. All of them support me unconditionally.
Rounding second base, my hobbies include, psychology and understanding the human mind. Why it does what it does, how it reacts to certain circumstances, etceteria. Another one of my favorite activities, if you couldn’t already tell, is baseball. My life revolves around it. Summer, winter, spring, fall. I’m always doing something about baseball. My favorite part about the stick ball game, is the fact that it strives off of failure. Failure is the gift that just keeps on giving and giving.
Heading to third, school, although it can be so exasperating, is a major part of my life. My favorite subject in school is math. It’s something about the patterns and exact details that make it appealing to me. English is also a favorite of mine because of the creativity it allows me to release.
To finish the cycle, my name is Carter. I love baseball and psychology. I am the middle child of two brothers and my schooling is important to me.

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